Security & Fraud Overview

Fraud takes on many shapes and forms in today’s financial world. At Union, we work hard to develop and maintain a safe online environment for you to conduct your financial business. By being vigilant with our security protocols and procedures we strive to keep your personal information private and protect you from fraud.

We believe that knowledge is a key to successful fraud prevention. As your financial partner, Union provides educational materials, tips, and security technologies. We do this so that we can help you understand both our role and yours in fraud protection. We encourage you to spend some time reading about:

Online Banking Security

  1. Learn what technologies we use to prevent security breaches
  2. Learn what technologies we provide to help you with detection methods
  3. Learn the ins and outs of mobile banking security

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Fraud Protection

  1. Learn how to protect you and your business from fraud
  2. Learn how to report a lost or stolen card and what to do if you are a victim of fraud  
  3. Learn about some of the common fraud schemes and how to protect yourself from them

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Identity Services

Union can help you safeguard your identity, and when necessary assist in resolving identity theft and fraud.


Does Phishing sound like a family outdoor activity? Does a Firewall sound like a stunt prop?

If so, be sure to visit our glossary for common Security & Fraud terms you will encounter.

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Privacy Policy

Please take some time to read our privacy policy to see how we keep your information private and secure. Please remember that a bank representative will never initiate contact (using any method i.e. phone, email, etc.) with you to inquire or verify personal non-public sensitive information. And if in doubt, contact us to confirm or learn more.

Electronic Funds Transfer Act

For an explanation of protections provided, and not provided, to you relative to the Electronic Funds Transfers Act, and a related explanation of the applicability of the Act to your account(s) with Online Banking, please see the Terms and Conditions of Your Account and read the section titled:




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