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Visa Purchase Alerts

Help reduce fraud and monitor your spending anytime, anywhere with Purchase Alerts powered by Visa.

With near real-time Purchase Alerts powered by Visa, you can receive updates on your Visa® card activity. And this unique service is available free for Union Bank & Trust Visa cardholders.

After your Visa card has been used, you'll receive an alert through text message or email. If there is fraudulent activity, you can find out within minutes and act quickly to resolve the situation.

How you use the service is up to you. You can choose to receive alerts when your Visa card is used for purchases over a specified amount, online transactions, purchases outside the United States, and more. You can even customize the purchase amount threshold—for example, setting it to only receive alerts for purchases above $50.00.

Select the delivery options that best meet your needs, with text messages, emails, or both for extra security and convenience. Each alert contains important information, including the purchase amount, merchant name and location (if available), and the last four digits of the Visa card used to keep you best informed.

All this for free for Union Bank & Trust Visa cardholders. Sign up for Purchase Alerts today.



Get alerts for transactions in real-time and immediately identify potentially fraudulent activity.



Track spending and stay on top of account balances.



Adjust your alerts to what makes sense to you and receive the via SMS text or email.


How it works

Q. Can I enroll my Google Voice number to receive alerts?
A. Your Visa Purchase Alerts is compatible with Google Voice. If your card is eligible for SMS text message alerts, feel free to add your Google Voice number to Visa Purchase Alerts to conveniently receive your Visa Purchase Alerts to your Google Voice account.

Q. How do I stop receiving Visa Purchase Alerts SMS text message alerts?
A. To stop receiving Visa Purchase Alerts SMS text messages alerts, please reply with a “STOP” message to any Visa Purchase Alert received and you will stop receiving Visa Purchase Alerts for all cards associated with your account. You may also change the notification settings in the “Settings” section of the Visa Purchase Alerts website. This option allows you to configure mobile text message settings specific to each card enrolled.

Q. Why did I not receive a Visa Purchase Alert when I expected one?
A. Cardholders will receive Visa Purchase Alerts only when a transaction meets the triggers settings. If a transaction meets the trigger settings, but a Visa Purchase Alert is not received, it is possible that the particular transaction was not processed by Visa’s payment network, VisaNet. If it’s processed by another payment network, Visa will not be able to send Visa Purchase Alerts to cardholders. Only one Visa Purchase Alert will be generated and sent to you for each transaction, regardless of whether the transaction qualified for multiple alerts. International purchases, internet purchases or phone purchases for amounts less than $1 will not trigger an alert.

Q. Can I receive Visa Purchase Alerts if I'm traveling internationally?
A. Customers can receive Visa Purchase Alerts via e-mail if they are traveling internationally. Customers may or may not receive SMS text message alerts from Visa Purchase Alerts while traveling internationally depending on permissions from local telephone carriers.

Q. Why can't I receive Visa Purchase Alerts for my non-US issued cards?
A. Currently, the Visa Purchase Alerts Service is only available for cards issued in the U.S.

Q. How many Visa cards can I add to my account?
A. 10 cards is the limit per account.

Q. Why can't I add more than one email or mobile number?
A. Visa Purchase Alerts currently allows only one unique email or mobile number.

Q. How do I associate an email to my Visa Purchase Alerts account?
A. Visa Purchase Alerts will send a one-time pass code to your email address. Please enter that pass code into the Visa Purchase Alerts website when prompted and your email will be associated to your Visa Purchase Alerts account.

Q. How do I associate a phone number to my Visa Purchase Alerts account?
A. Visa Purchase Alerts will send a one-time passcode to your mobile phone via a SMS text message. Please enter that one-time passcode into the Visa Purchase Alerts website when prompted and your phone will be associated to your Visa Purchase Alerts account.

Q. Why can't I delete my email?
A. For authentication and security purposes, Visa Purchase Alerts requires that each user account be associated with one unique email address.

Q. What are the available commands for SMS text messages?
A. Per mobile carrier requirements, the Visa Purchase Alerts supports the following commands: STOP, END, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE, and HELP. These commands are not case sensitive.


Q. How does Visa Purchase Alerts protect my card information?
A. Visa has a wealth of experience in handling sensitive information. Visa uses advanced security technologies to protect the information you store in the Visa Purchase Alerts service, including industry standard encryption and multi-layer authentication.

Q. Why does Visa Purchase Alerts require a billing address when I add my Visa card?
A. When adding a Visa card to Visa Purchase Alerts, it is a requirement to enter the billing address assigned to each card for authentication purposes. This will allow Visa Purchase Alerts to determine if each Visa card is valid and assist in authenticating the cardholder.


Q. Which Visa card products are eligible for Visa Purchase Alerts?

A. Most U.S. credit, debit, and reloadable prepaid Visa cards are eligible for Visa Purchase Alerts. However, not all cards are eligible because some Visa issuers offer their own transaction alerts service.

Q. Is there a fee for using Visa Purchase Alerts?
A. Visa is offering Visa Purchase Alerts to consumers for free. However, some cell phone carriers may charge fees to send or receive a text message. Message and data rates may apply, please check your mobile plan or contact your mobile carrier for further information. Further details on fees are available in the Terms & Conditions.

Q. Who can I contact if I have questions about specific transactions?
A. To report suspicious activity or ask about specific transactions shown by Visa Purchase Alerts, please contact Union Bank & Trust, via the phone number listed on the back of your card or account statement.

Q. How can I contact the Visa Purchase Alerts Customer Service?
A. Please email your inquiry to



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