Personal Banking
Personal Banking

Overdraft Privilege

Overdraft Privilege is just that, a privilege the bank extends to customers who consistently keep their accounts in good standing. 
Union understands that every once in a while you may:  
  • Make a mistake balancing your checkbook
  • Find yourself “a little short”
  • Just run into an unforeseen or unusual expense
How it works:
When you try to pay for something at a retailer, and you don’t have enough money in your account, we will temporarily cover the purchase.
Union does this instead of automatically returning all checks, declining all ATM and debit card transactions.
When we cover reasonable overdrafts, we will charge you a $36 fee per transaction. 
Additionally, Union’s Overdraft Privilege offers you the option to have Union cover everyday transactions, checks, and automatic bill payments; or just checks and automatic bill payments.   
Overdraft Privilege’s valuable benefits:
Why does Union cover transactions that overdraw an account? Union believes this service provides:
  • Fewer hassles and less embarrassment
  • Fewer charges from retailers for returned checks
  • Provides flexibility and convenience managing your finances
Please compare the other options available to cover overdrafts. We want you to select the overdraft service that best meets your needs.
Have a question about overdraft privilege or overdrafts in general?
Additional information in our brochure. Read Union's Discretionary Overdraft Privilege Policy.
We encourage you to come into our one of our convenient branches throughout Virginia. Our knowledgeable teammates will assist you in finding the right solution.


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