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Mortgage Assistance Center

The Mortgage Assistance Center (MAC) has been created to assist borrowers who are experiencing a short-term or long-term financial hardship and as a result are struggling to make their mortgage payment. Our primary goal is to keep borrowers in their home so contact us today if you are experiencing a hardship.

Alternatives to Foreclosure

If you have experienced a financial setback that caused you to miss one or more mortgage payments or that you think may cause you to miss a mortgage payment, Union Bank & Trust may be able to assist you. Subject to qualification we have modification options that may help you. We also have Short Sale options that may allow you to sell your home for less than you owe but avoid the foreclosure process.

All of the options available at Union Bank & Trust are subject to qualification and require you to submit a Customer Hardship Application.

Call us Toll Free at 844-661-0093 or directly at 804-589-3187. We are also available via email at Please don’t delay. The longer you wait, or the further you fall behind on your payments, the harder it may be to find a solution.

The Customer Hardship Application, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) and a brief description of the options we offer are listed below. Please review this information and call us to discuss.

MAC Options

The following are loss mitigation options that the Mortgage Assistance Center (MAC) offers. You must submit a complete customer hardship application and qualify for an option based on applicable underwriting criteria.

Options to Remain in Your Home Overview Benefit

Forbearance Plan

If you have no income, a payment forbearance suspends monthly mortgage payment for 3 months.

Payment forbearance allows you time to gain employment if unemployed or make additional income.

Rate/Term Modification

A rate/term modification modifies the mortgage rate and/or term.

A rate/term modification makes your payments more affordable or manageable.

Deferred Arrearage Modification

If a borrower can still afford the existing mortgage payment, a deferred arrearage modification defers payments of a borrowers arrearages.

A deferred arrearage modification allows you to continue making the same mortgage payment* by deferring the arrearage rather than capitalizing the arrearage.
*Subject to escrow adjustments

Options to Leave Your Home Overview Benefit

Short Sale

When you have no equity in the home, a short sale option allows a sale for less than what is owed. Payment of the shortfall may be required.

A short sale allows you to leave the home without going through foreclosure.

Contact information for Mortgage Assistance Center:

Toll Free Phone: 844-661-0093
Local Phone: 804-589-3187
Fax: 804-482-2983

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