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Q: What are Business Online Statements?
A: Business Online Statements provide online delivery of a business's monthly statement, which will take the place of the mailed paper statement.

Q: Is there a fee for Business Online Statements?
A: There is no charge for Business Online Statements.  They are absolutely free. 

Q: How do I sign up for Business Online Statements?
A: In order to receive Online Statements you must be an business online banking user. 
  1. Login to Business Online Banking.
  2. Click on the “Email” tab.
  3. In the subject line please type “Online Statements.”
  4. Within the message area, type the last 4 digits of the account number(s) you’d like to have online statements. 
    1. Example: 1234, 4567, 7891 or type All
  5. Submit your message.
  6. Online Statements will become available to you shortly after your submission under the a new “Reporting & Statements” tab. 

Q: How do I receive my Online Statements?
A: To receive your statement, you login to Business Online Banking, mouse over "Reporting & Statements" and click on "Statement Manager."  Select the date range, the account(s) to search and click "Statement Search" the statement search will return all statements for the selected account(s) dated within the date range.  Click on the date hyperlink to view the statement.

Q: How many years of Online Statements are available?
A: Union provides access to 7 years of Online Statements.  Online Statements will become available to your business on the statement cycle following enrollment.  At that time, one month of history will be added each month until 7 years become available.  Additional past statement history may be obtained at any one of our convenient branches. 

Q: When will my Online Statements be available?
A: Your statement will be available during the same time monthly as your paper statement.  You may encounter a message while trying to access your current month's statement indicating it's not available.  In this situation your statement has not completed that month's cycle.  Once your cycle is complete you will be able to view the statement online. 

Q: What are the software/system requirements I need to view my statement online?
A: You will need a Web browser such as Internet Explorer and an Internet connection.  You will also need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view your statement using a PDF format. 

Q: What if I don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader?
A: Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free software that you can download 

Q: How do I print my Online Statements?
A: By using the Adobe Acrobat Reader toolbar, press the printer icon.  You can either print the entire statement or just a particular page.

Q: How do I save my Online Statements?
A: Using the Adobe Acrobat Reader toolbar, press on the diskette icon.  Select where on your computer you would like to save it. 

Q: Can I receive a paper statement as well as an Online Statement?
A: You may continue to either receive a paper statement or an Online Statement.  You can not receive both. 

Q: Are my Online Statements secure and safe?
A: Online Statements are designed with security features to keep your account information safe.  This software ensures only you can view your statement information. 

Q: Can I get my Online Statements e-mailed to me?

A: For security purposes your Online Statement can not be e-mailed to you. 

Q: Can I get an email notification when my Online Statements are available each month?
A: No, unfortunately at this time we are not able to provide a monthly reminder.

Q: Will I be able to view my Savings Account online?
A: Yes, savings statements will be available online as listed below:

1. If your savings account is part of a Combined Statement you will continue to receive it monthly as part of your DDA Combined Statement.  You will not be able to view it separately.

2. If your savings account is not part of a Combined Statement and has had qualifying activity, during the month, you will be able to view your account statement online.  Otherwise you will be able to view your account quarterly.

Q: What if I want to cancel Online Statements?
A: To cancel Online Statements simply contact our Customer Contact Center, or send a request through the Business Online Banking email function.

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