Liquidity & Credit Management

Simplified banking and more convenience

We provide thoughtful consideration and thorough understanding.

Personal banking and lending services
Evaluate liquidity needs and structure debt to maximize wealth creation
Analyze advantages of low-interest rate environment

Our clients want simplified banking and more convenience to help manage liquidity, despite the complexity of their holdings. Sophisticated credit solutions are also essential.

Financial success is often the result of a strategic balance of liquidity, debt, equity and timing. Sufficient liquidity is necessary for living expenses, short-term obligations, and to fill in the gaps if income is lost. Excessive liquidity, however, can impede wealth creation and income potential. When used constructively, debt can help balance lifestyle with wealth creation goals.

These are all important tactics that require thoughtful consideration and a thorough understanding of your financial situation. An appropriate mix of cash, readily-marketable securities, and long-term investments can accommodate. Let our team of Private Bankers work with you to determine the appropriate mix of liquidity and debt for you.

Key Questions

  • What steps have you taken to determine the appropriate mix of cash, cash alternatives, certificates of deposit and other fixed income instruments to ensure ample liquidity?
  • How have you used liquidity to mitigate possible loss of income?
  • How have you analyzed what amount of debt is right for you?
  • What is your correct mix of debt and equity for various investment opportunities?
  • Should you secure loans with home equity or other types of assets?
  • Is a margin loan more suitable than a stock-secured line of credit?