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The right asset mix is critical to your long-term success

Our flexible strategies are designed to adapt to your changing needs at different life stages

Client-focused strategy
Team-based approach
Comprehensive wealth management

Our strength revolves around our local team approach, our low-cost strategies, our low turnover within our portfolios, our solid performance, our focus on Dividend Growth Equities, our concern for market risk and our strong fiduciary perspective.

We complement this core portfolio with a combination of small and mid-cap equity funds, along with equity funds from emerging and developed international markets to gain exposure to selected asset classes and markets over time. Take advantage of our asset management expertise to your benefit.

Additionally, we utilize an Alternative Fund of Funds approach to mitigate risk and take advantage of mis-pricing in various market sectors. Collectively, we seek to provide positive alpha, minimize risk, and decrease volatility in our overall portfolios through their inclusion.

Union Asset Management Services

  • Benefits of a Core-Satellite Strategy
    A Core-Satellite strategy can help insure investors are well-diversified among different asset classes.
  • Asset Allocation
    We believe proper allocation across multiple asset classes is the single most important determinate of a portfolio’s long-term performance and variability.
  • Alternative Investments
    Dynamic alternative investments are designed to achieve higher risk-weighted returns over time.
With us, our clients get a team of professionals, and it really is a true team approach. We bring knowledge in investments, trusts, estates, insurance and more – whatever is relevant to what our clients may need.
Jess Ellington, Chief Investment Officer