A+ Teacher Money Market

An account that makes the grade
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Extra credit for educators who put out extra effort.

Designed for teachers and school administrators
Higher interest than ordinary savings accounts
No monthly maintenance charge

This account works hard for the teachers who make a difference in students' lives.

The A+ Money Market Account provides nice returns for those who help children learn. Teachers and school administrators qualify for a high-class savings account that can grow as fast as any fifth-grader. There’s no minimum balance or monthly service charge. You don’t have to teach math to know that zero can sometimes be a good thing.

  • A+ Money Market is designed for full-time, employed school teachers and administrators
  • Tiered interest means the larger your balance, the more you earn
  • Bank on your time through Online Banking and Mobile Banking, including online statements
  • No minimum balance or monthly service charge
  • Easy access with a check or debit card
  • Only $100 to open
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