Advanced Business Online Banking

Simplify payments, save time
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Powerful, easy-to-use functionality puts you in control.

Manage your accounts and view transactions
Perform all types of payments, such as ACH, wire transfers and tax payments
Simplify your process

Inefficiency is the enemy of well-run businesses. Inefficiency can cost you money. Comprehensive tools within Advanced Business Online Banking carry the business day.

Sending paper checks to employees and vendors can be inefficient. They can take days to arrive. They can get lost. And someone has to stuff all the envelopes. Streamline your payments with Advanced Business Online Banking services. It allows your business to move money instantly and safely through electronic Automated Clearing House transactions and wire transfers.

  • Simplify your payroll process with direct deposits to employees’ bank accounts
  • Pay vendors who can accept electronic payments through ACH (Automated Clearing House)
  • Perform domestic and international wire transfers
  • Transfer funds among various types of accounts
  • Schedule transfers for future dates, or set up repeating transfers
  • Track your wire transfer history
  • Closely monitor employee spending by defining who has account access, or require specific transactions be approved by you
  • Sync your accounts with finance software such as QuickBooks™, Quicken® or Microsoft Money™
  • Order stop payments in less time

Online Bill Pay

By receiving and paying bills online, you can increase office efficiency, improve cash flow monitoring and maintain good relations with your vendors by ensuring that no payment is ever late or forgotten. Our cutting-edge security measures make electronic bill payments both safe and efficient.

  • Increase efficiency by receiving ebills
  • Pay bills 24/7 from anywhere there is an Internet connection
  • Schedule regular payments ahead of time to make sure you never forget to pay a bill
  • Sign up multiple Union accounts for online bill payment processing
  • Make payments with confidence thanks to our secure links and password protection

Online Statements

Bulging file cabinets are relics of the past. Modern offices cut down on clerical busy work by keeping most documents on computers. Why should bank statements be different? Sign up for online statements quickly online. The results? A neater office and fewer chances for identity thieves to access your mail and steal vital financial information.

  • Signing up is easy by logging into Business Online Banking, clicking the “email” tab, typing “online statements” in the subject line, and choosing the accounts for which you want statements
  • Access your statements for free online anytime
  • Enhanced security features keep your account information safe
  • Reduces the risk of identity theft and fraud because statements aren't traveling through the mail
  • Access up to 7 years of statement history through Online Banking with the option to order paper copies at your local Union branch