Critical Client Verification Period

Here's what you need to know and do to prepare to use the new Business eBanking platform.

While you will continue to manage your accounts through the existing Business Online Banking Platform located from the site, you have access to the new Business eBanking platform so you can validate critical information prior to the full upgrade.

How to Log In During the Critical Client Verification Period

  • Visit the new Business eBanking platform
  • Enter your new Company ID (look for this in the email)
  • Enter your existing User ID (unless otherwise we email you a new User ID)
  • Verify your identity by requesting a one-time security code by text message or phone call
  • After verifying your identity with the one-time security code, enter the new password that was sent to you by postal mail prior to the Critical Client Verification Period

Actions You Need Take During the Critical Client Verification Period

  • Validate your contact information
  • Verify that all your accounts display correctly
  • Verify that your ACH and Wire templates converted correctly, as well as their funding accounts

Additional Actions to Take

While these are not critical to your ability to use the new platform starting August 20, you may want to take these steps to prepare for the upgrade.

All Users

  • Familiarize yourself with the new Business eBanking by navigating through the system
  • Set up the token PIN
  • Personalize your password
  • Set up Account Alerts

Admins (if needed)

  • Manage Users and their services entitlements, account entitlements, and limits for all services other than Positive Pay, Bill Pay, eStatements, Mobile Banking, and Remote Deposit
  • Review and/or update Users’ phone numbers
  • Entitle Users to be approvers, to set up new ACH and wire templates, and to transmit services
  • Set dollar limits per approver and the number of approvals per transaction
  • Modify the default decision for Positive Pay exception items by contacting the bank; the default decision is “Pay”

Starting August 20, users can perform the following actions

  • Set up eBills and manage (add, edit, or delete) bill payment payees
  • Schedule ACH payments, wire transfers, and internal and external transfers
  • Download the new Union Business Mobile App
  • Connect to QuickBooks and/or Quicken following the connection instructions 
  • Admins  can entitle users for Positive Pay, eStatements, Bill Pay, Mobile Banking and Remote Deposit

Important Dates

Jul 20

Registration open for Business eBanking training.

Last day to create templates for ACH or wire within the current Online Banking system. Any templates created after this date will not convert.

Jul 30

Critical Client Verification Period begins. Please be sure to log in and verify your contact information.

Aug 17

Bill Pay unavailable beginning at 8 a.m.

The current Online Banking system will be view only after 5 p.m.; no transaction activity will be able to be completed. While you will continue to be able to log in through 8/31, the information displayed will be as of the 8/17 date.

Aug 20

New Business eBanking system is live. New Mobile App is available.