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Simple Solutions. It’s what data management firm ILM Corporation provides for its clients … and what they get from Union Bank & Trust.

For over 40 years, ILM Corporation has been helping business and government clients make sense of their data – developing new and better ways to capture, store and output business-critical information.

Clearly, they know a thing or two about managing complexity. So does their Union commercial banking team, led by business banker Jackie Baker.

“When we decided to build our own office building, it was the most complex financial transaction we had undertaken,” recalls ILM President Jason Cohen.

“Jackie Baker and Union made the process so much easier — bringing together the financing to purchase the land and the construction loan to develop the building. We did not see another finance package that was as complete.”

Jason also likes the attentiveness and service he gets from the Union team. Whether he walks into the Kenmore branch or calls a banker on the phone, he knows he’s dealing with someone who understands what his business needs. Instead of looking at each account or loan as a silo, he says, Union always looks at the whole relationship.

That’s why ILM Corporation counts on Union Bank & Trust for all their business banking needs — including checking, money markets, treasury management, lines of credit and term loans.

Looking for a bank that knows how to make business banking easier? It’s time to take a look at Union Bank & Trust. Give us a call at 800-990-4828.

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