Personal Banking
Personal Banking

Debit Card Rewards

At Union, we believe that banking should be rewarding; whether it is providing you a high level of customer service to little perks like points.

What can I get with my points?

Gift Cards
...and More!

How do I earn points?

  • Debit Card transactions with any of our Checking Accounts earn you 1 point for every $2 in signature transactions and 1 point for every $4 in PIN transactions when you register your debit card.
  • Periodic Bonus Offers - from time to time Union runs special promotions where customers can earn extra points.
  • ScoreMore Bonus Points - Earn bonus points on qualifying ScoreMore transactions, accessible from the ScoreMore link at Union's ScoreCard Rewards website.

How do I view and redeem my points?

View your existing point total and decide if you want to redeem your points right away or save up for something even better at Union's ScoreCard Rewards website. The website contains an extensive catalog of merchandise and travel services. Set up your free secure account and then you can begin shopping.

Combine Points!

Have multiple accounts with Union?
Other family members have accounts?

With our householding feature, you can combine your points from debit cards for bigger and better rewards.

Learn more about householding:

Registering your card

How do I register my debit card?

Visit and register your Union debit card by creating a user profile.

Why do I have to register my debit card?

We are happy to offer reward points to our customers, but the registration process allows us to continue offering these services to all customers who are interested while allowing us to keep costs down.


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