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Service Disruption Notice (All Services Restored)

Thank you for your patience, we have restored all of Union’s Online Services. (Updated 7/20 @ 3:00 p.m.) The questions below should address some of your concerns; as always we are committed to being open and transparent with our valued customers.

Q: Why haven’t I been able to access the Union website?
A: First, we apologize for the inconvenience. The Bankatunion.com site was inundated with heavier traffic as the result of an outside effort to deny service to the website. This effort is commonly referred to as a Distributed Denial of Service, which takes time to assess, and safely restore service.

Q: What is a Distributed Denial of Service?
A: A denial of service is when someone uses thousands of computers to deny access to a particular website. They send thousands of requests to the website which blocks access for legitimate users. Imagine 1000 people all trying to get through a turnstile at the same time; it causes a massive back up and essentially no one can move.

Q: Is this a breach? Is my data safe?
A: Your bank account data is safe. Our systems were not breached in any way. The denial of service merely prevents customers from accessing the website. Your account has not been impacted in any way.

Q: What is available?
A: Union’s website was brought back online late on July 19th.

Consumer Online Banking: Full functionality has now been restored. (Updated 7/20 @ 11:45 a.m.)

Business Online Banking: Full functionality has now been restored. (Updated 7/20 @ 3:00 p.m.)

Please contact Customer Service if you experience any problems.

Q: I have a bill that must be paid today! What should I do?
A: Normally scheduled recurring bill payments already established will continue to be processed as usual. If you have an urgent need, please call our toll-free number 800-990-4828 and we will do our best to work with you.

Q: I just went to a branch or used an ATM, does this impact any branch transactions?
A: No. Transactions at branches and ATMs are not being impacted. The denial of service hasn’t impacted any other channel.

Q: Why would someone do that to Union’s website?
A: It’s no surprise that criminals target financial institutions. In an event of this nature, the intent typically is to block our legitimate customers from the site while the perpetrators attempt to disrupt service.

Q: Are these events common?
A: Unfortunately, as you know, attempts to defraud individuals and organizations are not unusual in today’s world. Union actively encourages customers to use certified and supported browsers, update their computers security patches and use anti-virus software to eliminate opportunities for someone to hack into their computer and possibly use it in any unauthorized manner.

Q: Do you know who’s doing it?
A: Our first priority is to restore service as quickly and securely as possible. Rest assured, Union as well as our service provider will work with authorities to the fullest extent possible.

Q: What should I do?
A: No action is required on your part. Please continue to perform your usual activities by monitoring your account transactions and regularly balancing to your bank statement. As always, if you notice anything unusual, please contact the bank immediately.

Please check back here with the latest updates, and thank you for banking with Union.

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