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About Union

Upgrades Coming to Online Banking On October 17th

In 2011 the government issued guidelines calling for enhanced security measures for Online Banking. On October 17th Union will upgrade our system to not only comply with these guidelines, but also to better protect the safety and soundness of your online banking experience. Union is committed to providing you with easy access to your accounts while keeping your money safe.

In addition to the security upgrade, Union will also upgrade its Online Bill Pay interface and make some slight changes to the way you navigate within Online Banking. These changes are designed to take advantage of new technologies to improve your experience and we hope that you enjoy them. Please take a moment to read about the upcoming changes by clicking on the sections below and read the FAQs at the bottom of the page.

Reminder: the best online banking experience happens when you use a supported browser.

Step 1 - Strong User IDs & Passwords

Most of you have already updated your username and passwords, so there is little need to worry about this upgrade.
Note: the pound sign (#) will no longer be accepted as part of your username. If you currently use a #, you will need to swap it out for an approved symbol:  @ $ * _ - = . ! ~

Step 2 - Get an Access Code

The first time you login to Online Banking after the upgrade is complete, you'll be prompted to enter your phone number. We'll use this phone number to immediately send you an access code via text or automated voice message, or e-mail if you prefer.

How will using my phone make my account safer?

We are implementing a "multifactor authentication" process which makes it more difficult for phishers and online attackers to access your accounts without you knowing it. While this might seem unfamiliar, you actually use it every time you visit an ATM. When you access your account from any ATM, you need both your ATM card (something that you have) and PIN (something that you know).

We’re implementing the same type of protection by using both your password and your phone to access your account. By doing this, even if an attacker or a phisher manages to steal your password and tries to use it to log in, they would be unsuccessful because they would need your phone or access to your email as well.

You can opt to have this computer "remembered", so you do not need to repeat this step each time you login. However, you must obtain a new access code for each computer or mobile device you use to login that is not currently "remembered" on the system.

Union Suggests:

  • Check the "Remember This Computer" box for secure computers you use frequently (home, office, etc.)
  • Setting up your mobile phone to receive a text code for the best experience.

Navigation has been made easier and more intuitive with new categories. The main navigation area will help you access your home page, now called My Accounts, and Bill Pay along with new categories such as Move Money, Manage Money, Additional Services, and Secure Forms.

My Profile

Change your user account and security setting from the My Profile link.

Move Money

This categories will help you transfer money or schedule a transfer.

Manage Money

Access FinanceWorks and TurboTax through the Manage Money Portal.

Additional Services

Services such as Online Statements, Mobile Banking & Alerts and Stop Payments can now be found under the Additional Services tab.

Secure Forms

Use these secure forms as a safe and easy way to perform administrative tasks. Additional forms will be added soon.

Supported browsers

The new platform uses modern web technologies available on most modern browsers and has been tested to function with the following browsers:

 Internet Explorer 8
Internet Explorer 9
Mozilla Firefox
Latest version
Google Chrome
Latest version
Apple Safari

Don't know what browser you are using? What's My Browser?

Other modern browsers like Opera have not been tested, so you may encounter issues using these browsers. However, given that the experience is designed using modern web technologies and that these modern browsers implement the technologies well, it’s highly likely that you may have a favorable experience with these browsers.

Unsupported browsers

Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 7 and earlier.

If you use an older version, upon login you will see a message informing you that they are using an outdated browser and should upgrade to a more modern browser.

Mozilla Firefox version 3

If you use an older version of Firefox, you should upgrade to the latest version.

We are upgrading Union’s Online Bill Payment & Presentment as part of our continuous efforts to improve your online banking experience. The new look and new features have been designed to make it faster and easier to manage your bills.

What are the key changes?

Online Bill Payment & Presentment has been refreshed with a new look and intuitive features.

(Move the mouse over the numbers to learn more.)

Is there anything I need to do?

There is nothing special you need to do. Once the upgrade is completed on October 17th simply access Online Bill Payment & Presentment the way you always have and enjoy the new features.

Is there anything I need to know?

You may notice that your payee list contains previously deactivated payees. To help control the length of your payee list, you can hide your previously deactivated payees (or any payee that you do not pay very often) by using that payee's Option button. The new hide feature allows scheduled payments to continue to process while payees are hidden, and you can easily bring payees back into your list anytime.  

Will any of my scheduled payments be impacted?

The upgrade will not affect your payees, eBills, scheduled payments or payment history. Rest assured that your information and scheduled payments will remain intact.

Will Online Bill Payment & Presentment be unavailable at any point?

During the short upgrade process, you may not be able to access Online Bill Payment & Presentment for a couple of hours. However, the upgrade is scheduled to take place the night of October 16th during non-peak usage hours.

I get a 403 error when accessing Bill Pay with a Safari browser. How do I fix this?

Please verify the following settings:

  • Private Browsing is turned off.
  • Third party cookies are enabled. (By default, Safari blocks third party cookies, which are required for Online Bill Pay.)
If changing these settings does not fix the issue, please contact Customer Service.


Where can I learn more?

Please refer to our Online Bill Payment & Presentment User Guide for an in depth guide on how to use the various features of the new Online Bill Pay.

Upgrade Related Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can my username contain any whitespace?
A:  Spaces are not allowed in your username, including before, in the middle of, or after the username.

Q: Any changes to the password requirements?
A: Yes, we are making the following two changes:

  • Passwords cannot contain any spaces (like usernames)
  • Passwords cannot be a substring of the username (ex. If your username was "BigMoney1", your password cannot be "BigMoney2$" because BigMoney is a substring).

Q: Will customers who use Quicken® or Quickbooks® need to re-establish their connection from within Online Banking?
A: Yes, customers who use third party software like Quicken® or Quickbooks® will likely be prompted to re-establish their connection once the new security goes into place.

Q: Will Mobile Banking be affected?
A: Yes & No - Mobile Web banking customers will receive a text message to verify their phone, however Mobile App customers (iPhone®/iPad® and Android) will not be affected.

Q: Why have I not received a code by text?
A: Some service providers (like Sprint and Ntelos) require users to activate or allow third party text messages. Please call your service provider if you are not receiving text messages.


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