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Important Upgrades Coming to Mobile & Tablet Apps

Union has upgraded our mobile and tablet apps to version 3.3.1 to bring you new enhancements and upgraded security. Existing mobile app and tablet customers should receive an update notification. Not a mobile customer? Click here to learn more about Mobile Banking at Union.

Kindle Fire Users
Our mobile app is now available for download from the Amazon Appstore.

Why do we give you a date range instead of the actual date?

We partner with third parties - such as Apple, Android and now Amazon - to load our apps, and they do not typically provide specific dates when they will push the new versions live.

What's New?

Login Security Enhancements

To help protect your online security and mitigate the risk of fraud, Union is extending multi-factor authentication to our mobile app platforms. The good news is that you will only have to do this once, and like Online Banking, you can opt to have your mobile device "remembered" so you do not need to repeat this step each time you login. Please note, you must authenticate each mobile device (phone, tablet) you use to login that is not currently "remembered" on the system.

We understand that these security measures may seem inconvenient, but compared to the nightmare of identity theft this is a simple step that can save you from significant trouble later. Learn how to safeguard your mobile banking experience.

Bill Pay Consistency

To ensure consistency across our mobile app and Online Banking platforms, we are adding in-process payments to the Schedule Payments listing. Also, we are changing the way payees are listed on the iPhone to sort alphabetically, much like the Android and iPad apps.

Kindle Fire Users Rejoice!

As part of this release, you will be able to download our app from the Amazon Appstore for use on your Kindle Fire or Android phone. The app will be exactly the same as our regular Android app.

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Upgrade Related Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why is the login process changing for mobile app banking?
A:  Union is bringing the multi-factor authentication (MFA) you are familiar with in Online Banking to your mobile devices.

Q: I have never been prompted to authenticate my mobile device. Is something broken?
A:  You must make sure you have the latest version of the Union App installed on your phone which is version 3.1.1. This change does not affect older versions of the App.

Q: What is changing during the mobile app login process?
A:  You will be prompted to authenticate your mobile device during your initial login. This can be done by replying to a text message received from Union, or by following a prompt after a phone call is received from Union. Please refer to the screenshots above showing the authentication process.

Q: Will I have to go through this new login process every time I log in?
A:  No, once you login from your mobile device a cookie will be saved to your mobile device so you can bypass this step during future logins. However, if you clear the cookies on your phone, you will be prompted to go through this process again.

Q: If I have multiple devices, will I have to authenticate each one?
A:  Yes, you will have to authenticate each device you use. This will ensure each device is updated with the new multi-factor authentication.

Q: What phone numbers will I be presented with when I choose my passcode delivery options?
A:  If you have previously registered your phone number to receive a one-time passcode for online banking on a computer, you will see the same phone numbers presented on your mobile device.

Q: What delivery methods can I use to authenticate my device?
A:  You will be able to authenticate your device via text message or a phone call. If you are not set up to receive a text message for authentication, you may activate this feature within Online Banking from a computer. Simply log on from a PC, click "My Profile" and click "Update" next to "My Security Contacts". Here, you can enable text message for your registered cell phone number.

Q: What if I have not registered my phone numbers for Online Banking on a computer?
A:  You will still be able to log onto your phone, but you will be prompted to enter a phone number on your phone before you can authenticate your device.

Q: Will I be able to change my phone numbers that are registered from my phone?
A:  You will only be able to edit these phone numbers during your initial login. After you log in for the first time, you will no longer be able to edit phone numbers from your mobile device.

Q: What happens if my mobile device is stolen or lost?
A:  Multi-factor authentication is built to protect against remote attacks, which are the majority of fraudulent attacks. If a cell phone/tablet is lost or stolen, you should do exactly what you do today: call your carrier to report it and cancel service to the phone/tablet or do a remote lock or data wipe via another device. There is more information (contacts, email, other apps, etc.) on your phone/tablet that should be protected than one particular banking app. Keep in mind, that even if a phone/tablet is stolen or lost, the thief still needs to get past the username and password, hence multi-factor authentication. Similar to when a user loses their ATM card, then the fraudster must know their ATM PIN to move funds out.

Q: Do you mask the phone numbers in this feature?
A:  Yes, the phone numbers are masked throughout all points of the authentication process.

Q: Will I be able to be challenged by MFA during every log in if I want to?
A:  Yes, even though this is not the default behavior of the app, if you want, you may go into the "More" section and turn the "Remember device" toggle OFF to be challenged with MFA when you log in again.

Q: Where can I go if I need additional help?
A:  Please contact our Customer Contact Center if you have any additional questions.


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